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Custom Wafer Fabrication

Enablence is a world leader in photonic wafer manufacturing, with industry leading silica-on-silicon and platforms. Our team has extensive fabrication experience covering products from miniature transceivers to large-scale optical circuits. We can customize our waveguide process to satisfy specific requirements for performance & yield. Enablence’s wafer fabrication facilities have the capacity to meet any requirement.

Silica-on-Silicon PLCs:?Wafer Fab

  • Propagation loss: < 0.01 dB/cm
  • Index contrast range: 0.1 to 4%
  • Wavelength: visible through infrared
  • Etching: up to 50 μm depth; side wall verticality better than 88o; accuracy < ± 0.2 μm.
  • Metals: Au, Au/Sn, Cr, NiCr, TiW, Al and Ti/Pt
  • Thermo-optic effect:10-5/oC

Polymer PLCs:?

  • Propagation loss: as low as 0.11dB/cm
  • Index contrast range: as high as 30%
  • Wavelength: visible through infrared (with some exceptions)
  • Thermo-optic effect: 3.0×10-4/oC (Low power consumption)
  • Low PDL