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Optical Component Design

Enablence offers custom PLC design services to address nearly any application. Starting from a simple concept, schematic, or drawing, Enablence engineers can design complete mask layouts to realize a PLC solution. As part of that process, the design is optimized for manufacturability and high performance. We offer a library of photonic elements.

Library of Photonic Elements:

  • Y-branches
  • Directional couplers
  • Mach-Zehnder Interferometers
  • Arrayed waveguide gratings
  • Power splitters
  • Power taps
  • 1xN and NxN Switches
  • Variable optical attenuators
  • Multimode interference couplers
  • Tunable couplers
  • Optical delay lines

These functions are routinely combined to create custom products such as ROADMs, cross-connects, transceivers, and other highly complex integrated optical components. Our hybrid integration capabilities enable on-chip laser diode and photodiode functionality.