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2xN Splitter Modules

APSPL planar optical splitters/couplers are developed based on Enablence’s patent-pending CVD process in conjunction with precision fiber alignment. The high performance silica waveguides exhibit low insertion loss and low polarization de-pendent loss (PDL) over a wide wavelength range. The small footprint allows for a compact final package.

BENEFITSSplitters Module 2xN

  • Channel counts from 4,?8,?16?to 32
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low polarization
  • Wide wavelength range


  • High Channel Count
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Band
  • Wide?Operating Temperature


  • Intensity Coupling and Splitting in?FTTH, PON and CATV Systems
  • Redundant Path Networks for?Protection and Security Policy