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ROADM –?The Evolution of Agility

Enablence’s unique multi-model ROADM product lineup, built on our proprietary Planar LightWave Circuit (PLC) technology, is optimized for cost/performance to meet various network requirements in metro, long-haul and access edges. This allows for rapid service provisioning, shorter time to revenue and reduced operating costs.


ROADMs are becoming standard in Metro networks to switch traffic on and off or move traffic in different directions. Remote reconfiguration reduces network operating costs, while enabling service providers to add network capacity when and where it is needed in real time.

While most ROADMs in the field today work at a channel speed of 10 Gbps in two degrees optimize for rind architecture, Enablence’s next-generation ROADMs work on 40 Gbps on 40 channels with up to 4 degrees to support multiple fiber junctions and multiple directions. Channel spacing can be at 200, 100, 50 GHz handle multiple grid options.

Enablence continues to push the boundaries of ROADM technology to provide operators with truly agile and reconfigurable networks. Our third-generation ROADMs provide true agile optical network capability with automated controls to accommodate services providers’ requirements for the utmost flexibility, scalability, reliability and ease of operation. They are:

  • Grid-less Access – accommodate 50, 100 or 200GHz channel spacing.
  • Direction-less Access – Any transponder (TXR) has non-blocking access to all DWDM network ports
  • Color-less Access – Any (tunable) transponder has wavelength transparent access to all DWDM network ports
  • Contention-less Access – Any two or more transponders can simultaneously occupy the same wavelength into different DWDM network ports

Learn more about how we can deliver or customize ROADM modules that meet or exceed your most stringent requirements for true network agility.

ROADM Product Catalogue: